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Antique CANDELABRA 14 T 10 W Solid Brass PERCHED EAGLE FINIAL 2 Candle 2lb 5oz, Chandelier Chain Eyelet Solid Brass with Threaded End 112311, SOLID BRASS SCONCES, 2 ANTIQUE SOLID BRONZE BRASS PIANO SCONCES CIRCA 1850 1890, VERY ORNATE, New Vintage Solid Brass Light Fixture Sconce Wall Hallway 70s Antique Patina , Antique Solid Brass Wall Hanging Double Arm Candle Sconces, Vintage Early Century Solid Brass Decorative Chandelier w Purple Tinted Glass. , Pair of Antique Art Deco Wall Sconces Solid Brass Two Arm Sconce , Heavy Solid Brass or Aluminum Part for Light Fixture 79, Chandelier Part Solid Brass 7 8 Diameter Split Loop on Threaded Base 93017, New Vintage Solid Brass Light Fixture Sconce Wall Porch 70s Antique Patina , VINTAGE ANTIQUE SOLID BRASS EAGLE CHANDELIER SWAG CEILING FIXTURE LIGHT 26 , Corbin solid brass hinge, Solid Brass Chandelier 5 Arm, Pair of Solid Cast Brass Wall candle Sconces With Pastoral Scene , Antique solid brass butt hinge, VINTAGE SOLID CAST BRASS CHANDELIER CHAIN ASIAN ORIENTAL DRAGONS HEAVY BRASS, ANTIQUE SOLID BRASS 2 LIGHT CHANDELIER ORNATE LIGHT FIXTURE, Chandelier Part Solid Brass 1 Diameter Closed Loop on Threaded Base 93018, Chandelier Solid Brass 1 Closed Loop on Threaded Base 93016, FRENCH VINTAGE SOLID BRASS LANTERN 5 CURVED GLASS PANELS CHANDELIER c1930s, Chandelier Light Switch Cover Solid Brass 93019, VINTAGE four SOLID BRASS CHANDELIER SCONCE PARTS ARMS 151, Beautiful Elegant French style 3 layer Crystal & Solid Brass Chandelier., Pair Of Traditional French Solid Brass Electric Wall Sconces, Antique Solid BRASS Wall mount SCONCE Lighting Fixture Dual Arms Electric


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