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  • Vintage Sconces six antique 1920s 1 arm Colonial Revival Lightolier Lovely
  • Vintage Lighting matched pair extraordinary 1920s silver chandeliers
  • Vintage Sconces eight matching 1920s Colonial Revival brass wall lights
  • Vintage Lighting 1920s high quality set. One thistle chandelier. Three sconce
  • Vintage Sconces matched pair 1920s polychrome wall lights.
  • Vintage Lighting lovely 1920s polychrome chandelier
  • Vintage Lighting extraordinary 1920s ceiling fixture
  • Vintage Lighting 1920s polychrome 2 bulb ceiling fixture Original Finish
  • Vintage Sconces matched pair luscious 1920s wall lights by Lightolier
  • Vintage Lighting 1920s pan chandelier
  • Vintage Sconces pair antique 1920s high quality wall lights Mirrored Backs
  • Deco Vtg Victorian Flush Mount Lamp Cast Iron Chandelier Ceiling fixture 20's
  • Vintage Lighting matched pair 1920s brass ceiling fixtures
  • TWO Vintage Art Deco MARKEL MEP Light Fixtures Cast Iron Flush Mount 13 1920s
  • Vintage Sconces pair 1920s silver wall lights Lovely
  • Vintage Lighting striking high quality 1920s Spanish Revival chandelier
  • Vintage Lights set of three 1920s pan fixtures Original Stencils
  • Antique vtg 1920's brass light fixture camphor Sheffield shade 2 1 4 fitter
  • Vintage Sconces twelve antique 1920s sconces Ten 2 arm Pair 1 arm
  • Vintage Lighting pair antique 1920s polychrome lights Bedroom Hall
  • Vintage Sconces four matching 1920s Colonial Revival wall lights
  • Vintage Sconces antique pair 1920s high quality crystal 2 arm Very Beautiful
  • VINTAGE SCONCE – BELL CO. Circa 1920s
  • Vintage Lighting charming 1920s painted ceiling fixture
  • Vintage Lighting 1920s Thistle high quality copper chandelier Extraordinary
  • 20s Vintage Art Deco Amber Glass Ceiling Light Fixture Hall Entry Enclosed Porch
  • Vintage Sconces four matching 1920s polychrome wall lights
  • Vintage Lighting remarkable 1920s foyer pendant
  • Vintage Lighting antique 1920s Riddle polychrome chandelier Rare Oval
  • Vintage Sconces four antique 1920s Lightolier silver wall lights High Quality
  • Vintage Lighting antique 1920s hammered silver Arts Crafts chandelier Large
  • Vintage Lighting antique 1920s living room chandelier Amber Glass Bells
  • Vintage Lighting two 1920s ceiling fixtures Ideal For Rustic Cabin
  • Vintage Lighting 1920s Colonial Revival silver set One chandelier Four sconces
  • Vintage Lighting antique 1920s Gill Glass kitchen bedroom foyer light Blue Bells
  • Vintage Lighting matched pair high quality 1920s chandeliers
  • Pair of 1920s Vintage Art Deco Pink Satin Glass Ceiling Light Fixture Chandelier
  • Vintage Sconces matched pair 1920s silver and crystal wall lights
  • Eighteen vintage antique 1920s lights A Houseful of Matching Fixtures
  • Vintage Sconces antique pair 1920s Spanish Revival Lightolier High Quality
  • Vintage Sconces pair antique 1920s 2 arm classical cast brass High Quality
  • Vintage Lighting antique 1920s pendant light Bedroom Hall Foyer
  • Vintage Lighting antique 1920s polychrome set Three Ceiling Lights
  • Vintage Sconces antique pair 1920s brass crystal 2 arm High Quality
  • Vintage Sconces matched pair 1920s wall lights with glass shades
  • 1920's Antique Vintage Old Floral Wall Light Sconce
  • Vintage Lighting 1920s Lightolier matched set One pendant Pair sconces
  • Vintage Lighting quality 1920s brass chandelier
  • Vintage Sconces matched pair large 1920s wall lights
  • Vintage Brass Birdcage Chandelier circa 1920s 1940s
  • Vintage Lighting 1920s foyer hall light Extraordinary
  • Vintage Lighting pair 1920s bedroom or hall ceiling lights Original Paint
  • Vintage Sconces matched pair 1920s wall lights
  • Vintage Lighting 1920s Spanish Revival set Eight ceiling lights Pair sconces
  • Vintage Lighting antique 1920s chandelier Blue stem Blue glass drops
  • Vintage Lighting 1920s wedding cake chandelier
  • Vintage Lighting antique 1920s brass pan chandelier Exquisite
  • Vintage Lighting antique 1920s silver chandelier Living Room Bedroom Bath
  • Vintage Sconces three matching 1920s wall lights


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